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Common Core

EdTec is your partner as you navigate the uncertain landscape that lies ahead of a charter school leader. The Common Core transition is upon us, and EdTec is ready to guide you through it.

Schools have a lot to think about when it comes to Common Core implementation: computers, testing, curriculum changes, instructional shifts, and more. With so many factors to take into consideration when determining a course of action, it can be easy to skip pivotal steps along the way without realizing it until later in the implementation process.

EdTec's first Common Core Preparedness Checklist aimed to help charter schools figure out the basics to successfully implement Common Core. With the summer upon us and full implementation slated for this coming school year, EdTec's Common Core team decided to compile a Common Core Preparedness Check-In. This updated checklist is designed to help schools determine where they should be in their Common Core implementation as of summer 2014, as well the next steps to more fully roll out Common Core and prepare for the Smarter Balanced tests next year. To access EdTec's Common Core Preparedness Check-in, please click here.

For more information on how EdTec can help support your school as you fully transition over to Common Core, please contact Tracey Katz at 213-622-9002 or tracey@edtec.com.

Common Core Preparedness Checklist

EdTec's first Common Core Preparedness Checklist is designed to help guide charter schools through the basics of Common Core implementation and rollout. Each section of the Checklist is formatted as a series of questions for schools to answer with the goal of making sure schools have all the basics of Common Core covered in their implementation and rollout plans. By answering each question, schools will receive advice and points to consider in each area to help them navigate the intricacies of Common Core.

The EdTec Common Core Preparedness Checklist covers five areas that are vital for successful Common Core planning:

  1. Technology
  2. Curriculum
  3. Professional Development
  4. Data & Assessment
  5. Finance

To download the full Checklist, please click here. To download individual sections, please click on the section title above.

Additionally, EdTec has compiled a series of supports for schools to further assist with the Common Core transition. You can find these supports at the end of the full Common Core Preparedness Checklist or by scrolling down on this page. We will be adding to these offerings throughout the year, so please check EdTec.com periodically for updates and additional offerings.

If you have any questions about the Checklist, EdTec services, or Common Core in general, please contact Tracey Katz from EdTec's Common Core team at tracey@edtec.com or 213-622-9002.

EdTec's Common Core Supports

EdTec's Common Core Supports are designed to ensure that schools have the proper tools in place to successfully implement Common Core. If you have any questions about the supports, please contact Tracey Katz from EdTec's Common Core team at tracey@edtec.com or 213-622-9002.

EdTec is working hard to bring Common Core technology solutions to charter schools. We will update you as new resources become available. Another resource to check is the Charter Advantage program through CCSA.

Curriculum & Professional Development
   EdTec is proud to be a sales and support partner for Insight Education Group's dynamic and powerful Common Core lesson planning, sharing and coaching platform, myCore! For more information contact Tracey at tracey@edtec.com.

Data & Assessment
EdTec's data and assessment team is ready to help you prepare for Common Core. Please see a list of our offerings below:

EdTec's data team can build standards- or clusters-based report cards or progress reports for PowerSchool users to help better gauge student progress during the Common Core transition and beyond. Additionally, EdTec offers a comprehensive CALPADS support package for EdTec-supported SIS. For more information on EdTec's data offerings, please contact Chris at chris@edtec.com.

ZOOM! Data Source, brought to you by EdTec, provides schools with access to DataDirector (a student assessment system), customized technical support, and professional development opportunities for a low per-student price. Schools can easily keep track of their assessment data & ensure that students are meeting Common Core standards. To join the over 175 charter schools in ZOOM!, please contact Tracey at tracey@edtec.com.

Ensuring that your school's budget appropriately reflects your Common Core spending needs can be a lengthy and involved process. EdTec clients can reach out to their Client Manager for more information on their budget for Common Core-related expenses. If you're not an EdTec client and would like more information on EdTec's back-office services, please contact Stephanie Cho at stephaniec@edtec.com.