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CAASPP Analysis Service

Interpret, use and present your school’s data with EdTec’s CAASPP Analysis Service.

We produce an easy-to-read analysis and graphical representations of your raw CAASPP data comparing the last two years. This interactive analysis shows schoolwide, grade level and subgroup breakdowns for each test.

Use your LCFF Supplemental and Concentration Grant Funding to purchase this affordable service!

What is included?

  • Overview of Schoolwide Performance on SBAC ELA and Math and CST Science and comparison over the last two years. Includes the ability to view tables and graphs by relevant subgroups.
  • Analysis of the change in performance for the cohort of students tested in 2015 and 2016 at your school, including CCSA's suggested measure of the Average Point Difference (APD) from the proficiency cut-point.
  • In depth display of performance in each subject area, broken down by school year, achievement level, grade level, and claim description. Use filters to compare across subgroups.

How can I use this analysis?

  • Interpret and understand your CAASPP data to make informed decisions for your school.
  • See how your students performed and identify grade levels, subject areas and claims that are strong and ones that need more focus.
  • Use this analysis and data to guide your LCAP plan and analyze subgroup performance.
  • Leverage this analysis to support your charter renewal.
  • Present your school data to your board, school leadership, teachers and parents.

Contact us today for more information, a sample of the analysis and pricing.

Stephanie Cho, 510.663.3500 x329 or StephanieC@edtec.com